Operator Applications

If you are applying for an operator licence (HGV – Goods vehicles) ,  we can guide you through the process.  Our operator licence application fees includes:

  • A confidential consultation
  • Completion of the online application
  • Posting of mandatory public notice*
  • Contact with traffic commissioner as required.

This fixed-fee service costs £249

Please note there are other fees payable to the DVSA as part of applying for your operator licence,  these will depend on the type of application and whether or not you need an interim licence.

Current DVSA rates for applications

Application for a licence £257
Issue of a licence £401
Continuation of a licence after 5 years £401
Issue of an interim licence £68
Major change to a licence £257

*There will also be a fee for advertising the mandatory public notice in your local paper.

Variations, continuations and operator licence management

Should you need to apply for a variation to your operator licence we can advise and apply for you.  We can also deal with continuations.

For complete peace of mind subscribe to our operator licence management programme.  We can take care of

  • Adding or removing vehicles
  • Requesting operator licence discs
  • DVSA messages and correspondence
  • Changes of details.

if you are ready to apply please contact us on 01269 542022 or Email us on info@tcwales.co.uk